Where to Go for Delicious Food in Lagos

What you imagine when planning for mesmerizing vacations with family and friends at a different continent? Beaches, Adventure Parks, zoos, museums, art galleries, markets, restaurants or vibrant culture; well, then Nigeria is the country for you. This country is lush with the cities filled with most of these factors and is capable to attract and entertain voyagers who are looking for some adventurous or relaxing vacations.

If you are looking for a city comprised with all of these factors in Africa then Lagos is for you here. Lagos is a complete holiday package serves thousands of travelers visit here every year to get a memorable and mesmerizing vacation. This city is also very well known for its huge menu and diversity of cuisines for which people from around the world gather here on certain time interval. Book Cheap Flights to Lagos from Crystal Travel and enjoy fascinating vacations with family and friends.

Arrival, Transportation and Accommodation in Lagos

Book Cheap Flights to Lagos from London and deboard at Lagos International Airport which is the primary portal for voyagers visiting Lagos and other surrounding cities from around the earth. From here you can easily get a car on rent to travel across the city with convenience and privacy. Hop in the car and drive away to enjoy the mesmerizing and flattering hospitality at Lagos’s hotels and resorts that are comparatively cheap and luxurious. Get your holidays arranged by Crystal Travel and Tours to leave all the worries about hotel reservation and car bookings.

Top 5 Restaurants in Lagos to Eat Delicious Food

Enjoy your vacations in the most spectacular city of Nigeria and go for sightseeing in Lagos while enjoying delightful food in the decent restaurants covering almost every major sight of the city. Book Cheap Flights to Lagos from Crystal Travel and pull out some extra money to spend over delicious food served here.

Here is a list of some great restaurants followed by their specialty where you can go and have the most exquisite food in Lagos:

Piccolo Mondo – This is an African Restaurant at Idejo Street serves the most amazing traditional African cuisines with a huge variety in menu and has mouthwatering taste on a very affordable and reasonable price.

Bistro 7 – It is a Contemporary restaurant at Victoria Island has a spectacular food with amazing taste and flattering services. The menu is quite impressive and dishes are served in the most fresh and eatable conditions. 

Pattaya Oriental – This is the most amazing Thai restaurant serves a diverse menu with same Thai flavors and Thai ambience that will not let you feel like eating in an African city. The prices of dishes are very cheap and affordable and the standards of hygiene are very high.

Bungalow Restaurant – This is an amazing restaurant at Victoria Island serves the most authentic American menu with great taste and preferable ambience where you can enjoy the most delightful meal with family and friends.

Viceroy Restaurant – This Indian and continental restaurant is located at Adsola street in Victoria island that serves the most lipsmacking food with a huge menu of Indian and continental cuisines. The dessert here is quite impressive and you should take a reservation in advance before going to avoid waiting and long queues.


Things to Enjoy in Durban over Short Weekend Breaks

For everyone looking for the best places to travel this Short weekend break, Durban is second to none. Worldwide voyagers Book CheapFlights to Durban from Crystal Travel and deboard at Durban International Airport in search of a perfect escape for their Short weekend breaks. 

Enjoy stress bursting short weekend breaks, book your Cheap Flights to Durban from London, Manchester or from where you want and head off to Durban with no-more delay. This exotic town of South Africa is indeed one of the best vacations spot and certainly is an optimum answer to all your searches where to go on short weekend breaks.
The city of Durban offers enjoyable weather conditions throughout the year in all seasons; so, be it Short weekend breaks or long holidays, the city's more pleasant mild climate can mesmerize any backpacker like the pure heaven. Every time is regarded as the best time to visit Durban.

This big South African city consist a renowned blend of metropolitan life styles, antique cultures and simply everything you expect for your Short weekend breaks. Voyagers catching great deals on London Durban Flights with exclusive Short weekend breaks offers discover a heap of the best places to visit and fun-filled things to do in Durban. 

These short holidays at beaches are the new trend of the world. Many people want to enjoy their Short weekend breaks amidst beauteous oceanfront conditions. If you are too looking for picturesque beaches to treasure unforgettable memories of sweet stress bursting breaks, choose Durban.

The city offers numbers of unmatched seashores and you can make sure to receive plethora of fun here at the beaches of Durban. Durban boasts its magnificent stretch fronting the Indian Ocean and offers substantial beaches.  Providing seducing panoramas, relaxation and plenty of adventurous water sports activates, Durban’s beaches can be an excellent pick for your ideal weekend holidays.

Calm waterfronts, azure warm waters, unlimited suns and miles spread captivating golden sands, what more you want. You can go for surfing, snorkeling, hire a canoe, go for surfing or surf skiing lessons, or just do the old school stuff and relax on the beach and watch the world go by. 

Also, Durban provides all the ingredients for wildlife enthusiasts. The jumbo town houses stunning nature reserves, zoo, aquarium and sanctuaries where you can catch various species of fishes, birds, crocodiles, hippos and many others rare African species. Plus, the city performs as a robust gateway to royal African Wild-life safari tour. 

Those who are planning to enjoy their weekend breaks, amidst lucrative art, live performance and cultural shows, Durban can be a good stopover. Head off to the well known Playhouse, terrific Bat Centre, The orchid house, the titanic theatre of Catalina, the University of Durban’s art theatre and many other famous venues to delve in to the magic of global arts, music and performances.

No outing can be said complete without Shopping and dining. So, why not to smash your senses with distinctive Durban Bunny chows or go for a quick shopping in Durban’s big emporiums. 

During weekends, you can get the authentic Durban culinary magic. A big array of decent restaurants, roadside eateries, seaside pubs with specialty in traditional seafood, best-class accommodations great entertainment to continental dishes can be found across the city.

Top Five Places in Nairobi to Hangout on New Year’s Eve

After Christmas, it’s New Year’ Eve for which the whole world is waiting. One of the most exotic universal feasts is celebrated almost in whole world.  However, if you are looking to grab the maximum fun on budget prices this year, catch Cheap Flights to Nairobi. The majestic Kenyan capital is all set to thrill tourists with a multitude of exclusive events going to happen on the last day of 2012. 

Being nation’s epicenter for cultural, financial, political, social or any other happenings, the city remains in limelight across the year, especially on New Year’s Eve. From Nairobi International Airport to hotels in Nairobi to city markets to restaurants, simply every corner of Nairobi is willing to pamper travelers with a distinct celebrating aura. 

However, in such a big spectrum of offerings, one can easily get struck. Therefore, Crystal Travel is suggesting you top five places to visit in Last Minute Flights to Nairobi over New Year’s Eve here.  

     Indulge In the World of Music with Indian Music Sensation at Casino Malindi

Indian classical music and cuisines both are considered as one of the best of their field. So, just don’t forget to catch a fabulous combo of Indian cuisines and Indian Music at Casino Malindi on 31st Dec 2012. Two big personalities from Indian musical world Kavita Soni and Abhishek Kumar are coming to the gig to make your New Year countdown a remarkable one.

       Welcome 2013 dancing at Hidden Agenda Bar and Restaurant in Nairobi 

World renowned Zink Entertainment in association with one of most trendy bars of Nairobi Hidden Agenda Bar & Restaurant are targeting to make the last night of the current year an unforgettable one. Funky DJ’s playing latest tracks and delicious dishes, and wide range of wines to be served – everything to satisfy the appetite of party lovers. Thus, one shouldn’t miss it at all. 

     Experience Glam-Zone at Venom Lounge & Bar in Nairobi on NYE 2013

Before catching your cheap flights to Nairobi from London, Melbourne or your any other airport in the world, just don’t miss to pick your best dresses as you may require it to attend start night in one of the most plush bars in Nairobi.  Its cheerful ambience has become the signature of nightlife in Nairobi. So, add the venue on your list of places to visit on New Year’s Eve in Nairobi. 

   Rejuvenate your soul with Mouthwatering Food at Zen Garden in Nairobi

You are late but don’t late anymore as the feast of Food has already started at Zen Garden IN Nairobi from December 25th. Thus, hurry up and do as mostly Londoners are doing, book your Cheap Flightsto Nairobi from London with no delay. An exclusive menu consisting yummy African, Indian, western and continental culinary is available for the special night of NYE 2013.  You can also enjoy great collection of starters, deserts and ice creams are also on offer for customers at very affordable prices. 

Dive Deep in Magic of Kenyan Food at Carnivore Restaurant in Kenya on NYE 

Imagine a gothic European style environment in Nairobi full with lively music, dance floor, unlimited booze and tempting food – this is just a beam of pleasure you are going to have at Carnivore Restaurant on the New Year’s Eve in Kenya. Additionally, a crew of foreigner artists, dancers and painters are coming to add color to your perfect New Year’ Eve in Kenya’s memories.

Find Out Great Dine Inn Places in Harare with Restaurant Guide

Zimbabwe is one of the most amazing countries in African Continent and is worldwide known for its lively lifestyle, rich culture, fascinating tradition and overall delicious food. Zimbabwe has been a fine choice for vacations among voyagers due to its great cities that are lush with many mesmerizing sites like museums, monuments, landscapes, adventure parks, wildlife sanctuaries and much more.

 Zimbabwe is a great holiday destination and has many renowned cities that are amazing for vacations. Among all of them, Harare is the best city to enjoy the fullest and loaded with tons of attractions. Take Cheap Flights to Harare from London and have wonderful holidays with family and friends.
Arrival, Transportation and Hospitality in Harare

Book Cheap Flights to Harare from Crystal Travel 

 and get off at Harare International Airport which is the primary transit point for backpackers visiting Harare and other neighbor cities from rest of the globe and from there one can find some great agencies available at the airport to provide cars on rent. Take a car and drive away to enjoy pleasing hospitality of Harare at cheap and luxurious hotels and resorts. Book your trip by crystal travel and tours and forget all the worries about hotels booking and transportations.

Best Place to Eat in Harare

Enjoy wonderful vacations in Harare with family and friend and enjoy scenic sites in the city including monuments, historical architectures, scenic landscapes, parks, museums and much more while having a great time in tasting the most authentic food at prestigious restaurants in the city. Save some extra cash to spend on food and other activities and Book Cheap Flights to Harare from Crystal Travel.

 There is a list of some nice restaurants in the city that serves delightful food with flattering service and decent ambience.

Coimbra – This is one of the most amazing Portuguese restaurants in the city located at Selous Avenue and has an amazing menu of delicious dishes served smoking hot with perfect service and enjoyable ambience.

Amanzi Restaurant – This Eclectic restaurant is located at Highlands serves the most delightful food in the city with great gentry and perfect environment of enjoying food. It will be great to get reservation in advance to avoid long waiting outside on peak hours.

360 Restaurant – This is the most attractive steakhouse restaurant serving a huge range of appetites at Borrowdale with mouthwatering taste. Have a delightful snacking time here while having amazing time around.

Da Eros Trattoria – This Italian restaurant is located at East Road and has a great variety of Italian food cooked by experience chefs. Enjoy the delicious Italian flavor on African land and have a great time enjoying the soft music with family and friends.

Leonardo's Restaurant – This European restaurant is the most elegant and authentic restaurant in Zimbabwe that serves a huge variety of European cuisines with exact same taste and flavor. Enjoy the most authentic gentry along with decent environment while enjoying the most delicious cuisines at Harare.

Spectacular Vacations at Kenyan Capital Nairobi


African region is perfect place to go for an outing with family and friends and to experience the most vibrant lifestyle of the world. Africa is worldwide known for its great wild life safaris, joyful festivals, great food and the list is never ending. This East African country is the perfect place for vacations in winters as the climate is very warm even in winters. 

Kenya is lush with many beautiful cities that have their significant features and qualities. And if the plan is to get the maximum enjoyment with great adventure then one can go to Nairobi which is the capital of Kenya.
Arrival, Transportation and Hospitality
Book Cheap Flights to Nairobi from Crystal Travel 
and get off at Nairobi International Airport which is the main gateway for the backpackers visiting Nairobi and neighbor cities from rest of the globe and can easily find car on rent from many car rental agencies at a very low rent. Hop into the car and head off to enjoy the hospitality of Kenyan society at the hotels and resorts of this city that are comparatively cheap but extremely luxurious in terms of services.

Amusement, Adventure and Entertainment in Nairobi

Take Cheap Flights to Nairobi from London and save some cast to spend for the most adventurous safari in Kenya. Go for Lion Trails Safaris which is a complete day tour to spend some great time close to nature while searching for deadly lion at their natural habitat without any fencing or guard for safety. See the deadliest and rare creature of the world and experience the fear and his royalty at its own territory. This will be the experience that is hard to forget and will be the memory for rest of the life.

Best Places to Visit in Nairobi
Book Cheap Flights to Nairobi from Crystal Travel  and visit at the most famous site of the city which is Nairobi National Park. This place is the perfect place to explore the diverse range of floras and faunas found in Nairobi and surroundings. Also this place has a great museum dedicated to the historical activities to save the culture and wildlife at Kenya.

Certainly this city has much more to share with tourists that are equally interesting and adventurous like:

Giraffe Centre – This is a park dedicated especially to the giraffes found in Africa to give them a safe place to live safely and close to their natural habitat.

Railway Museum – Witness the development in the transportation in the city at railway museum. This place has many ancient railways used in past time.

 Karura Forest Reserve – This place is also a wild life sanctuary which is very well known for wild life adventures. Take a guide along with SUV to experience the most wonderful day tour in Africa.

National Archives – This place is the perfect place to see the development in the civilization from earlier stages till now.