Top Places of Interest to Visit in Nairobi

Nairobi has some of the most unique attractions that you can do as a traveler, being the financial hub and the largest city in Eastern Africa, it blends the vast wildlife with various cultures of the region. You can also get a taste of the nature as most of the tourist attractions include getting up close and personal with animals. Therefore check out the Best Things to do in Nairobi:

                                                    Nairobi National Park
The safari tour at Nairobi National Park will not cost you more than $50 in which transportation is not included. If you don’t have the money for a safari that will cost $400 then you can see all the Big 5 excluding the elephant at the park. You can picnic at the park and the adventurous souls can even camp because there are varieties of animals to view throughout the park.

                                             Nairobi Animal Orphanage

 The Orphanage for Animals is right at the entrance of the National Park and a great way to get up  close and personal with all kinds of exotic animals. You’ll also have the opportunity to play with a Cheetah at the orphanage which makes an exciting holiday trip so book Cheap Flights to Nairobi from London Click Here.

                                    Safari Walk

Safari Walk is also available at the entrance of the National Park and a great way to know about Kenya parks and reserves as well as variety of animals while holidaying in Nairobi.

                 The Giraffe Center

 It is located right next to the popular Giraffe Manor hotel that boasts of giraffes so, that you can stand on a platform and feed the animals. It is a great way to come in contact with giraffes so closely and take great pictures as well.

                  The Largest Slum of Africa- Kibera

Most tourists won’t consider going to this attraction because Kibera is one of the  Book Cheap Flights Tickets  and comes under top three slums in Africa. You can walk around and interact with some locals too. Make sure you do not miss the flying toilets. Keep in mind not to go alone on a Kibera tour if you are not much interested in a slum tour.

              Maasai Market

Masaai Market is hottest place where you can buy all sorts of tourist souvenirs. You can also find a market in Nairobi on weekends to find an array of wonderful things to buy, starting from clothes to wooden and brass carvings.

                                                 Matatu Experience

 After you take a ride in a Matatu, your experience with local transportation will never be the same because it has blaring sound system and giant flat TV screen which are a part of the ride. At night you’ll even find neon lights both inside and outside the vehicle, these types are unique to Kenya and make you ask the price of the ride before you get on.


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