Classic Places to Visit on Harare Holidays

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe in southern Africa and one of the biggest cities with a population of 2 million. It is also the commercial capital of the country and was founded by the British in 1890 but they preferred to call it Salisbury. When Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980s, the name of its capital was re-christened to Harare after the Shona chief, Neharawa. Harare is fairly a cosmopolitan capital of known for its pleasurable climate so book fantastic air deals with Book Last Minute  Flights to Harare from London Gatwick. Central Harare is the best place to visit as it is filled with shops, parks, banks, restaurants as well as high rise office buildings. It also has nicely maintained suburbs which are occupied by wealthier folks as they live here along the several golf courses. The outskirts of Harare are filled with townships which are home to Harare workers. 

Check out some of the bestplaces to visit in Harare:
Domboshawa View
This means ‘the Red Rock’ which is a granite hill on the suburbs of Harare and is a great place to explore for travel bugs. It is an easy 15 minutes walk and not that strenuous that you can even carry a picnic basket. Just follow the hand painted arrows and halt near the rock paintings and cave first, then slowly meander slowly to the top and enjoy the view. Though it is not that steep but it can be slippery so do not forget to take walking shoes on Harare trip.

Visit the Mountain of Drums

This place is also known as Ngomakurira which is supposedly the big brother of Domboshawa and stands a little further out of the town. It takes an hour or more to walk up depending upon the route you take and is much more breathtaking. There is a small lake as well as lush green mini-forest.  This place is about 30 KM from Harare city center just off the Dombosahawa or Borrowdale road. You need to pay a small entry fee to one of the official at the site.

 Doon Estate and Chapungu Village

This place is famous for Belgian chocolates, handmade pottery and monkeys chattering over your head. These are some trademarks to know that you are inside Doon estate. A motley array of railways workers homes have been converted into high-end shops selling top quality wares made by the locals of the area. The highlights of the place are Kudhinda which is known for high quality fabrics, Ros Byrne which has hand painted pottery teapots, plates and Veldemeers’ Cocoa Tree- a coffee and cake shop that specializes in chocolates made in fine Belgian style.

There is also an onsite shop café which is a wonderful place to enjoy fresh produce, creative and healthy food. Since Doon Estate is situated on the outskirts of the city, monkeys are common visitors; they have the penchant for stealing sugar cubes placed on the coffee tables. Chapungu Village is in the same vicinity which is famous for its traditional Shona sculptures as well as a Shona museum.


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