Dig In the Best Gourmet Delights of Durban

Durban - A City Overview

The city wrapped in bubbly celebrations, conventional ethos and diverse surroundings, Durban is a city that’s soulful, vibrant, historic and beautiful. Boasting a grand base of luxury resorts and casino, this is one of the most vivacious coastal holiday destinations in Africa’s that treats its guests with rolling green countrysides and the Valley of 1000 Hills.

Cheap flights to Durban from London get throngs of visitors to this sprawling urban to from different parts of the world to spend a gripping holiday with friends.

Durban is home to an excellent number of hotels and restaurants that allow the holiday makers to have an absolute stay while exploring the entertainment and travel surface of the state.

5 Best Culinary Treats in Durban

To help you have even more stirring time while your stay here, here’s our guide to some of the best gourmet delights in Durban that you can enjoy in the most relaxing atmosphere.

Bunny Chow
You need to take a bite of this delectable street food to know why bunny has been a favorite in Durban for years. The distinctive local delight does wonders when coupled with beer as the lip-searing spicy curry scoopes out from the middle of the square loaf of soft, white bread filled. You can have it in your own desired preparation namely mutton, prawn, chicken or vegetarian.

Fresh Sardines on Toast

On a hoilay to Durban with cheap fights deals, don’t forget to try this delicious coastal bite with sardines coming straight from the fishermens haul to plate a tantalizing sardine dish for you. For ease of choice, order it the popular Durban way-fresh sardines on toast with onions.

Shisa Nyama
South Africans love to barbecue, or braai. To witness the real spirit of braaiing, head to a local township shisa nyama, where you can choose your own boerewors (farmer sausage), steak, chicken, and grill it by yourself. Nembula’s in Empangeni and Max’s Lifestyle in Umlaziare are two legendary hot spots for an ultimate weekend along the seductive dance parties, braaii and chilled beer.

Bombay Crush

A popular local desert in South Asia, falooda, is South Africa’s Bombay Crush. Presenting a frothy blend of rose-pink Rooh Afza syrup, milk and basil seeds, topped with a couple of vanilla scoops, this cool concoction is equally popular in the city among locals and visitors. You can ask for this tempting desert any time during the year at most of the city’s curry restaurants. Though, the ones around Dr Yusuf Dadoo and Bertha Mkhize Streets are known to be serving real great stuff.

Zulu Cuisine

For being the largest city of the Zulu kingdom, Durban offers amazing Zulu cuisine that can be tasted any of Durban’s bigger resorts and casinos serving a lavish menu of Zulu fare. This multicourse cuisine features traditional selections like mogodu (tripe), amadumbi (local potatoes) and pap (hard maize porridge). You can find various other Zulu dishes in the western section of the theValley of 100 Hills and north in Eshowe.


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