Amazing Facts to Know about Johannesburg for a First-time Visitor

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and is occupied by a population of 3.2 million. Half of which reside in Soweto and adjacent suburbs. The majority of the population is of South Africa’s black that mostly live on Soweto. But there are lots of things that people do not know about this vibrant metropolis so take Cheap Flights to Johannesburg.

Know Some Facts about Johannesburg

Youngest Global City

For tourists that are visiting the city for the first time, it is important to know that it is the youngest global city which was established in October 1886. It was rebuilt four times in a span of a century.  First it was a tented camp, then a town of tin shanties, four-storey Edwardian brick buildings and finally modern city of skyscrapers. Another surprising thing about Johannesburg is that though it is 120 years old it is still the youngest city in the world. Therefore, go for last minute travel deals and enjoy your holidays.

Important Financial Center

Johannesburg is one of the leading financial centers as well economic and financial hubs in South Africa. Johannesburg is also known as Jozi or the pulse of Mzansi. It is the city that contributes to 16 % of SA national gross income. The suburbs of Johannesburg have been the backdrop of the country‘s rich past so get some cheap travel deals.

 World’s Only Apartheid Museum

You can start you day by visiting the Apartheid Museum to delve deep into the historical past changes in South Africa. Then into the vibrancy at the Sophia Town Heritage Center which offers visitors a 45 min guide tour at the cost of R 45. You also go for 1 hour 45 minutes walking tour that incorporates historical surrounding for an area of R 60 per person. Therefore book all inclusive deals to enjoy the culture of Johannesburg.

Thriving Places of Attraction

 Thriving new cultural precinct of Johannesburg is the Newtown because this is a place where you can visit the World Renowned Market Theatre and South African Breweries World of Beer which is visited by 5,00,000 visitors annually. SA is known to be a nation of beer drinkers. The city Tambo airport is the busiest airport in Africa that handles an estimated population of 18-million. It has recently renovated its international terminal and received its first passenger flight, Airbus A380 which has capacity of 538 seats for which you need to get best vacation deals.

 A Sight of Daily and Legendary Traffic

Johannesburg is also known for its annual and daily legendary traffic because the city has highest number of highways around South Africa which makes it an easy way to reach any destination. Another place to visit in Johannesburg is the largest man-made forest which has over 10 million trees. This number is actually set to grow as the City park has launched  Greening Soweto project in 2006 which has a goal to plant 2,00,000 trees in this famous township. These Joburg trees help to combat the greenhouse effect and thus reduce noise in this ‘urban’ jungle so get the Cheap Flights Deals this holiday season.


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