Holidays in Lagos- the Historical Town of Nigeria

 Lagos is particularly a port city, second largest growing city in Africa and the seventh fastest growing city in the world. Originally Lagos group was inhabited by the Awori subgroup that belonged to Yoruba people. But under the leadership of Oloye Olofin, the Awori moved to an island which is now known as Iddo and then to a larger Lagos Island. In 15 century the Awori settlement was attacked by the Benin Empire and thus the island became a Benin war –camp. This gives you an opportunity to book cheap flights to Lagos from London.

Present Day Lagos

Present day Lagos stands on large metropolis area separated by the Creeks. The main districts of the place are the islands which are divided into Greater Lagos and the Islands. Three major bridges join the island with the mainland which starts from the Carter Bridge, the Eko Bridge and the last Mainland Bridge which passes through the Lagos Lagoon.  While holidaying in Lagos, you will discover the proud history of the town that is known for its amazing restaurants encircled with sandy coves. 

The great Portuguese seafarers set off from here to discover the seashore of West Africa in 14th century. As a tourist you can consider the charms of this beautiful walled city as you will feel the legacy that is left behind the cobbled streets with statues in a row and name of the streets and squares immortalizing them for their bravery. To witness all these book Cheap Flights Tickets.

Things to Do in Lagos

 Interesting visual retreats are the colorful kite shops that are next to the tank of live lobster right outside the restaurants. You can also find the local artist portraying their work along the beach gear and postcards. If you have an artistic bent of mind then you can spend hours pottering around the picturesque lanes and pausing for a beer or coffee in the basking sun. Whether you are on a cheap holiday, you will always find a restaurant to suit your budget because it is a town teeming with choices for gourmets.

Lagos is even not short of beach so you can plan your summer vacations too. This can be from tiny cloves to the larger stretches of rock studded sand that are tucked into the coastline around the old city. Just cross the river and you will find Meia Praia that offers a long run of sandy beach sheltered from the North Breeze. Added to all these there are number of sightseeing options for history lovers too starting from the ancient slave market to the 17th century fortress that overlooks the harbor.
How to Reach Lagos?

The best way to reach Lagos is by plane from most European countries as it is close to the border with Benin. The must visit places of Lagos are the Badagry Town which is the ancient Salve Port of Badagry and also known as the ‘Point of No Return’.  It is the second largest commercial town in Lagos State. Apart from all these there are dozens of beaches like Lagos Bar beach, Tarkwa Bay, Lighthouse Beach and Eko Tourist Resort. To enjoy all these places book cheap flights deals .


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