Nairobi: Coffee, Beer and Eye to Eye with the Wildlife

Nairobi acquired the name 'Nairobbery' after the city witnessed carjacking, kidnapping and muggings. That’s totally unfair, as tourists coming in the city for fun and leisure, do come in with nightmares of what is heard and seen.

News splashed that one should not walk around at night along with the corruption happenings. But the Kenyan capital remains a hectic, cosmopolitan hub of East Africa and a city of cool evenings and amazing gardens. But one needs to wonder, how to spend time in this amazing city of contrasts after coming in with Cheap flights to Nairobi from London. Run your eyes through the 10 best ways to spend time in Nairobi.

Nairobi City Safari

Hordes of tourists go to Kenya for Safari. Nairobi National Park is perhaps the sole wildlife park in the world that one can visit by a bus or a taxi. Encounter lions, cheetahs, zebras, hippos and many more ferocious creatures.

Don’t miss David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust inside the park where you can watch orphaned baby rhinos and elephants take their mud baths.

          Tusker Beer

Nairobi is made for cold beer. The local brew is named as Tusker. Hardcore fashionable drinkers can sample some at the Casablanca and upscale imbibers can be clothed in their best safari suits and head for Lord Delamere Terrace on harry Thuku Road

Karen Blixen Museum
With cheapest flights a tour of the house is an amazing experience, just like one out of the Hollywood movies. In one corner is a lantern that was hung by Blixento let her lover know that she is home.


The world's largest slum area may not sound like a good time but within no time, the residents can prove to be highly inspiring. Unescorted visits are not advised, but several agencies do look after the tour.

Nairobi Java House
Coffee originates here...Yes, you read it correctly. Coffee has taken birth in Africa, mainly in Ethiopia. For a great cup of the original Joe, head straight to the Nairobi Java House, one of the best6 coffee chains on the continent and do pick up some beans to take home.

Nyama Choma

The African cuisine is a euphemism for charred flesh. The name means 'barbequed meat' is the unofficial dish. The best place to be served with this mouth-watering platter is the open air Carnivore that also serves crocodile, camel and ostrich. Tip over the white flag on your table to avoid being served more and more, otherwise the waiter’s don’t stop.

Muthaiga Country Club

A bar in itself that holds ancient animal heads hung from the walls. It also holds a 20,000-book library and white and pink colonnades. The standards are wonderfully maintained; no women are allowed in the Member's Bar; no mobiles, flip-flops, T-shirts, or hats. Strange but true! 

The Rift Valley

Rift Valley is a place like no other, with its savanna, fauna and history cradle of the human life. In Kenya, the Rift's steep side and wide plains are at their most dramatic views than those found outside Nairobi.

The Jumbo Kenya Deluxe
The Nairobi Mombasa line is one the world's greatest rail journeys, particularly when made in the Jumbo Kenya Deluxe. This leisurely express is the beginning of a great journey through the Africa plains and rifts. For a first class ticket you will get 2 bunks, a vanity sink in your own cabin, 3-course dinner and a hot breakfast with white tablecloths. Are you adventurous enough to book cheap flights tickets?


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