Maputo: An Ecstatic Beach Delight for Beach Lovers

Maputo is Africa’s undiscovered gem. It is usually known as the Land of Smiles. The stunning capital of Mozambique symbolizes white powdery beaches, coconut palms, balmy waters, prismatic coral reefs and amazing paradise setup.

For years, Mozambique was plagued by civil war and now it is emerging as one of the most talked about, bearing a successful story and it is just couple of hours away from Johannesburg.

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Maputo never disappoints honeymooners and tourists passionate about romance and magic. Enjoy scheduled retreats around Vilaculous and those in Bazaruto as well as in the islands of Inhaca and islands of Quilalea which lies few miles offshore of the capital Maputo.

You bet that even the most idealistic couples will be tempted to crawl out their hotel lair by what Maputo has to offer - from snorkelling, scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing, and dolphin tours to sailing.

The incredible Maputo is located just on the coast that runs almost 1500 miles across blessed with cool fresh breeze as you enjoy the very best of Mozambique's cuisine. What can one expect in a coastal city? Seafood comprising of prawns, variety of fishes are a vital part of spicy Maputo cuisine.

Indulge in Beach Sports 

There is no better shoreline in the world than Maputo for fishing, diving and snorkelling. The crystal shallow water radiates the fabulous marine life and glittering corals teeming with lobsters, seahorses, starfish, dolphins and shoals of exotic and marvelous fishes.

With cheap travel deals enjoy more and more beaches, infact some famous beaches of Xai-Xai and Bilene that are located in elite settings offering tourists a choice of water-sports, fishing and relaxation.

Maputo offers those couples looking for a perfect honeymoon setup, a selection of accommodation to suit every pocket. One can discover exclusive beach hideaways, front retreats in luxurious hotels and resorts. 

Praia da Macaneta - This beach is located near Maceneto, a town close to Maputo. Reaching by boat is much easier but ferries are also recommended. The experience of the amazing view of the Indian Ocean is heart-pounding. Relish sea-food catch and enjoy the preparations.

Inhaca Island - This Island is just 20 minutes away from Maputo. The island is a must-see for everyone, where you can walk on the white sand beaches and deep sea fishing. Swing your eyes to spot the coral reefs that are still unsoiled. Brave divers can explore the number of shipwrecks that surround the area.
Ponta Ouro - This beach features warm water and white sand. It is famous for its inland coral reef that surrounds the area and the oceanic life below. Drown in the beauty and excitement by taking a walk on the beach between the months October and December.

What’s there apart from Beach Activities?

Face the thrill of wildlife Safari in Gorongosa National Park, one of Southern Africa's grand boondocks areas. Maputo is blessed with a tropical kind of climate in unification with coastal temperatures that are high for much of the year. The rains pour from late November through early April, and are usually searing and sultry with temperatures fluctuating in between 30s.

With cheap flight deals to Maputo honeymooning in the cooler dry season from May to October with temperatures fluctuating around the mid 20s is highly irresistible. Most of the days are brilliant and luminous with just short showers.

A honeymoon to Maputo can with leave you with an undying inkling of people’s tenderness, the brilliance of the sun, the rustling wind waving the palms, the dhow sails flapping on the sea, the remarkable tang of fresh sea air, the serenity of paradise.


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