Johannesburg: The City of Street Art and Graffiti

Do you fantasy gazing at the colorful wall art? Well, that’s the scene in Johannesburg's Maboneng, the hipster on the eastern side of the city. The wall has everything you can imagine and in different forms - peanuts, date, banana and soya. Utilize cheap flights to Johannesburg from London and drown in the vividness of the golden city.
On one side you can faintly hear crackling sounds of laughter and as you shift your eyes a bit far, one photographer and one editor meet over a smoothie to discuss things for their next project.

Heard About Rasty?

Rasty is a long-talked legend on the streets of Joburg. The name follows any query due to the build-up art scene on the streets.

Though the scene of scene art was something that was popular in the European cities and US, South Africa is new in the corner to the graffiti scene and it is catching up quite rapidly.

The graffiti scene and the street scene in Joburg is evolving vibrantly and visitors marvel at the texture, style and themes as they indulge in the street art walking tour, which is the best way to explore the city.

From the Graffiti in Newton, to the grungy Troyeville's and Braamfontain, the interiors of the city are becoming the artist's playground.

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Fascination is the word that is seen on every face and movement. Go on and go up to an artist who is working on his present project to bag the award for the best wall art in the city. You can learn from his cult graffiti and the street artists who are quite busy in decorating their own world with their tags and style.

Some prominent names in the scene of Joburg's graffiti are Rasty, as motioned above and his PCP crew. The GreyScale store in Braamfontain, run by Rasty does cater to the needs of Johannesburg graffiti artists with a huge pallet of spray color cans and everything the artist may need.

Though crime had swept the town for few years, new forms of color have sprung and attracted some bug names in the local as well as international art scene. By walking around the Maboneng vicinity you are treated to the massive works of artists such as ROA, Remed, Faith47, Falko and Steve Espo Powers to name few of the best. 

Even look out for some discreet etchings of the famous Hanneli Coetzee that pop up beneath the bridges as well as on the side of the buildings.

With cheap travel deals the best place to catch some color in action is the street gallery at the Newton flyover. It's the best den that showcases graffiti talent. The murals stretch from the street below to the M1 highway and poses for some great photos.

Enjoy the amazing gestures, skills and movements of the skate-boarders on any given Sunday morning that adds to the landscape of the city.


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