Have the Most Amazing Vacations with Delightful Food Tasting in Entebbe

Entebbe, the heart of Uganda, is one of the few towns in entire Africa assuring a complete package to relaxation, fun and adventure to voyagers. Loaded with a multitude of offerings, the Ugandan mega town lets travelers to enjoy a very different but colorful culture, calm beaches, beckoning museums, delighting dining, shopping and much more; everything to keep you entertained throughout and are easy to catch with Cheap Flights from London Heathrow to Entebbe.

Boasting its magnificent settings on the enticing edges of titanic Lake Victoria which is considered as one of the biggest lakes in entire continent, Entebbe is the house of fun for travelers. Unlike most of other African cities, Entebbe takes pride in portraying it’s both faces, modern as well as antique at a single time. While a row of preserved historical sites and significant wild life reserves take you back to the beginning of civilization, it’s up-market regions complete with elite restaurants and dashing emporiums gives a home away home feel to western tourists who are stepping in with cheap flight tickets to Entebbe from     Manchester, Paris or any other part.

However, the biggest attraction enticing global tourists to book Entebbe tickets in Cheap Flights is no doubt its unique connection with the wildlife but dining mouthwatering Ugandan cuisines is unquestionably beyond comparison. Whether you opt for the harmonic serene of Lake Victoria’s shores or a crowdie street’s turn, Entebbe leaves no tourist unturned with its best of Ugandan cuisines.  

Also renowned as the culinary stopover amidst frequent travelers, this Ugandan town is becoming the food port with the help of its emerging numbers of food joints. Wander down to anywhere to everywhere in the town and you’ll catch people eating diverse range of dishes including but not limited to meat stews, numerous kinds of rice and a plenty of unheard foods. Here in this article, check out Crystal Travel and Tours top picks for the must eat dishes in Entebbe.

Three Dishes Not to Miss by Travelers in Entebbe

1. Ugali
Ugandan people love eating and travelers opting for Cheap Flights to Entebbe from London should keep this fact well in their mind. So, transform yourself in a local and head off your dining in the town with Ugali. The dish is widely popular all across Africa but due to global influence Uganda has succeed to  form a different kind of Ugali which is completely its own. Generally made up of locally produced maize, Ugali can be consumed anytime of the day and is easily accessible across the town. From small street side vendor to elegant restaurant, Ugali is served as the signature Ugandan dish.

2. Matooke

Sole Ugali may get short to satisfy the big appetite of global traveler so have some Matooke.  An astonishing mixture of pleasure and satisfaction and very easy to prepare character make it hot favorite culinary in the town. Mainly, Matooke is made up of locally produced fresh bananas which extremely meshed before steaming up beneath low temperatures in composition with a thick paste of peanuts and meat. Stop over a food point and enjoy delicious Matooke usually served with rice, chapattis or meats.

3. Waragi
If a drink is coming into the list of must try dishes, you can easily understand how cool it will be.  Similar to Matooke, Waragi is also pretty popular amongst locals as well as made up of bananas. Termed as robust liquor which is used on various occasions by locals, the drink is easily available at local bars and cafes. But, if you are looking to visit the city’s outskirts, you can find a different kind of Waragi, often called as crude waragi.


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