Places to Visit for You in Durban’s Bag

Durban is a major tourist destination in South Africa, the largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, majorly known as one of the most gorgeous cricket stadiums in the world, Durban is gaining its stature in the world of tourism, book your flights Tickets to Durban and explore this exquisite South African tourist destination.

Know Durban City

Durban is a huge Metropolitan city located on the Eastern Coast of South Africa. Famous as the busiest port of South Africa, Durban is one of the most stunning cities on the South African soil. Book your Cheap Flights to Durban from London with Crystal Travel and get yourself a chance to explore Durban, which they also call as Port Natal.

 Accommodate in Durban

Durban is not a mare port city; Durban is a rapidly developing city, one of fastest growing metropolitan regions in South Africa. A major part of city’s population in depending on global tourism this city is reviving and to encourage the same, there have been a heavy development of luxury and cheap hotels in Durban, thus the flow of tourists never stop in Durban and they have a gala vacation in Durban.

Entertainment and Sights in Durban

Sea World Aquarium: An awesome place to visit in Durban, if you like marine life and enjoy seeing various sea animals, then visit Sea World Aquarium, this place is known for various acts performed by some sea animals. Their Dolphin Show is way too famous among every person visiting SWA.
The Golden Mile: A long stretch of beaches on near downtown Durban, a great place for snorkeling, surfing and sunbath. Loaded with nice places besides the beach like hotels, bars, restaurants etc.; the golden mile is sure a place to visit in Durban.

Crocodile Creek: one of the most adventurous and thrilling places in Durban, Crocodile Creek. Home for more than 7000 Nile Crocodiles, C2 is an amazing treat for the people who are seeking some out of the box thrill. Located near river named Tongaat in sub-tropical bush, Crocodile Creek is also one of the most visited places in Durban.

The Valley of a 1000 Hills: if hiking and trekking is your cup of tea, then you are in tea party in Durban, the valley of 1000 hills is the place where you can hike till your muscle get sore or you get bored of it. Hills covered with dense and large trees and providing beautiful scenic views in every now and then. This is a place which is being visited by every tourist visiting Durban.


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