Places that may attract you in Nairobi

Nairobi a scenic and the enchanting city of Kenya, the capital of Kenya and the most visited city in the Kenyan nation. Book your flights tickets to Nairobi and explore the awesome Kenyan epicenter which is reaching a new stature of fame with each passing travel season.

Nairobi the city

Nairobi is the largest and the most developed city in Kenya, the capital city for Kenya and the biggest tourist hub in Kenya. Nairobi is a huge metropolitan located on the banks of the river named same as the city “Nairobi”. Nairobi is known as a premium tourist destination in region and in the country. Book your 
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Hospitality and Accommodation in Nairobi

Nairobi is among the fastest growing cities, not only in Kenya but also in the East Africa. A huge part of the economy of Kenya and its epicenter Nairobi depends of tourists and tourism, thus to extend the possibilities of the sector, there has been a remarkable development in hospitality and accommodation area in Nairobi, resulting in the wide range of inns, resorts, motels and luxury & cheap hotels in Nairobi.

Attractive Nairobi and Places to visit

Nairobi National Park: Arguably the best place to visit in Nairobi, NNP is a great place, called as heaven for safari and wildlife lovers. It’s always been a nice experience visiting and witness the great wildlife in Nairobi National Park, that contains almost all type of wildlife in East Africa except elephants.

Nairobi National Museum: A huge museum located on Museum Hill. Probably the largest museum in Kenya, with a large facility and a great amount of mesmerizing exhibits. Nairobi National Museum is a great place to kill three to four hours easily. One piece of advice, you may need a guide in the museum to get a better understanding about exhibits.

Tom Mboya Statue: Something artistic as well as historic, Tom Mboya Statue easily fall in the category, located in Moi Avenue, TMS is one beautiful place to visit and know more about Nairobi culture.

Bomas of Kenya: Picturing the original tribal Kenya, Bomas is great place to visit. Located near Langata Road, Bomas is made by ancient specifications of Kenyan Tribes and gives you exact idea how they used to live.

Jamia Mosque: The Largest Mosque in Kenya and one the places which are really peaceful even being situated in the main suburbs of the city. Located in Banda Street, Jamia Mosque gives spectacle view of azaans on Fridays and Ramadhan season.
Ngong Hills: The most scenic and beautiful place you can see in Kenya or East Africa, Ngong Hills a great place for backpacking and trekking. Situated in Great Rift Valley, Ngong Hills is a place for real natural photography. A word of caution, you might need some extra memory cards in camera while going there.


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