Enjoy Some Delicious Local Dishes in Khartoum

Khartoum is a delightful city, though this city is not as big as Johannesburg or any major African city like that, but this city is still a great choice for a small city break. Khartoum is beautiful city, equipped with a pretty nice range of attractions, making it a perfect place for a small weekend adventure in Eastern Africa. Book now your Cheap Flights  and enjoy a great weekend in this stunning Sudanese metropolis.

Khartoum: In Word Picture 

Khartoum is beautiful city, reputed as the capital city of Sudan and the second largest city in the country, sitting on the stunning confluence of Blue and White Nile rivers. The Most significant and most developed city in the country, center for almost all major and vital movements in Sudan, Khartoum is small city, but is capable to give a great time on your weekend break in Africa. Book for your Cheap Flights to Khartoum from London  and experience this 

Accommodation and hospitality in Khartoum

As mentioned above, Khartoum is the epicenter of Sudan, one of the most significant cities for the country, thus this city is always loaded with a high number of tourists and visitors from various parts of Sudan and globe and to accommodate and prove this city a wise host there has been a great development of cheap hotel in Khartoum.

Local Cuisines
 Basboosa: Basboosa is a phenomenal desert from Sudan, if you can manage to get it even back at your home, bishbosa can easily replace your cakes, deliciously sweet and sour in taste. Made of yoghurt, coconut and some Sudanese ingredient named somlina, bishbosa is a traditional Sudanese dish which they enjoy with utter delight.

Beetroot Salata: also known as Beetroot Salad and now you know it’s a salad; one of the most famous Sudanese recipes across the world, sitting in various international hotels’ menus with different flavors, Beetroot Salata is a dish one must try on their Khartoum visit.

Khoodra Mafrooka: One of the most delicious main course dishes from Sudan/Khartoum, made in both chicken and beef (try in beef coz that is the traditional one), utterly delicious and highly healthy. Commonly made in almost all Khartoum households and everyone enjoy this dish in the country. If you want to have the real taste of Khoodra Mafrooka, get to a local friend’s home and try it there.

Dama Be Potaatas: there is only one word for this dish and that is wow, Dama be Potaatas is the most delicious and the most famous Sudanese dish one can ever try, basically made from potatoes, beef steak and lots of spices. Too much tempting and tastes like heaven. This is the dish one has to try on their trip to Khartoum.


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