Why to Fly to Lagos on Christmas Vacations

 No other festival is as much tempting as the festival Christmas is. The birth of Jesus Christ is considered as the biggest feast on this Earth; also, the biggest holidays. The whole duration of Christmas is getting famous as the best time of the year to spend quality time with families and friends. While some fly to snowy parts of world to enjoy the enticing Candle lightening, carols, Santa Claus- authentic European style Christmas, a big number of holidayers love to visit Lagos, the cultural capital of Nigeria.
  The most populous city of Nigeria has an undeniable magic and increased numbers of voyagers booking Cheap Flights to Lagos from London, Paris or from various corners of the world on Christmas vacations affirm the fact completely. Christmas Vacations in Lagos gives vacationers a unique chance to get a perfect balance of fun, adventure and relaxation. The gem town of Nigeria is filled with distinctive attractions and all these attractions seem in no mood to leave voyager's attention even for a jiffy.
Here in this article, we would try to highlight few best things to do in Lagos on Christmas vacations.

Celebrate God’s Birthday in the Churches of Lagos
Christmas is the feast of God and there could be no better option to start your Christmas vacation in Lagos by making a visit to city’s chaotic churches. The city houses aplenty of antique churches and cathedrals and each has its own traditional significance. So, the first thing to visit in Lagos once you arrived at Lagos International Airport should be one from Daystar Christian Center, City of David, St. Paul's Church, Cathedral Church of Christ or several other churches in Lagos. In Christmas duration, Churches especially organize exclusive decoration, pine-trees, carol session.

Appreciate Your Christmas Vacation with Amazing Food
Without authentic Nigerian food, Christmas vacations are totally half-done. Lagos is world wide renowned for its lips smashing dishes and for a big number of tourists booking Cheap Flights to Lagos from London Christmas vacations in Lagos just stands for great dining and drinks only. Drop in Yellow Chili, Whitehouse, Terra-Kulture, Chocolate Royal or some other famous eat-points in Lagos and give your flying start in dining with a superb starter like Banga Soup, made up of chosen nuts. Later, order Suya for the main course. For deserts, give a try to Chin Chin or Alkaki                     
 Rejuvenate your soul at the beaches of Lagos
Lagos is gifted with magnificent settings across Atlantic Ocean and its several waterfronts and captivating landscapes prove it like paradise. City's beaches remain in lime-light throughout the year, but, the Christmas Duration is considered as the best time to visit.
In comparison to any other season, beaches of Tarkwa, Bar, Eleko in Lagos bestow tourists a bigger plethora of fun-filled things to do in Christmas duration. Dive deep in warm crystal clear waters, try snorkeling, fishing or just take a pleasant nap at numerous beachside resorts and spas here. Or shop for traditional African hand-made paintings, outfits or jewels in small marts and boutiques here.

Best Thing to Do in Johannesburg over Christmas Vacations 2012

Christmas is coming and bringing the best time for backpackers to spend some quality time with family and friends, Christmas Vacations. However, for a big number of people in the England, Christmas Vacations is still the name of snowfall, Santa Claus, churches, prays, pine trees, costly gifts, dining and wines. But why not to try an escape from this zoo-like hustle and bustle on this Christmas vacations.
Johannesburg, the biggest city of South Africa, is becoming the latest hub for Christmas short break. Not just from England, vacationers from all corners of the world can be seen searching for cheap airfares and offers on flights to Johannesburg (South Africa). Book Cheap Flights to Johannesburgfrom London or from any other nearby international airports in England; and grab the best opportunities to spend Christmas vacations like never before.

Christmas in Johannesburg will undeniably be well different from your idealized English Christmas as there might be no snow, no ornamented pine trees or no glimpse of European style Christmas celebration, in Johannesburg. But, city’s distinct fun-filled offering will surely leave with lifetime experience and you will be going to experience it from the very first moment you arrive at Johannesburg International Airport. During this season, there is no traffic, no crowd, abetting climate; everything saying it's your time to enjoy this African gold town.

Additionally, mostly airways and UK travel agencies like Crystal Travel offer great discounts on London Johannesburg Flights and Christmas holiday packages. Anyway, here is the best thing to do in Johannesburg during Christmas vacations: 

 Immerse in the distinctive African Wildlife in Johannesburg over Christmas Break

 If Christmas means wildlife, Johannesburg is an unparalleled destination. The city houses a big range of wild life centers like city’s zoo, De Wild Cheetah breeding station, the Lion Park and the Rhino and Lion nature reserve which require no time to inspire the awes of people on Christmas vacation in Johannesburg.

African lions, rhinos, buffalo, cheetah, blesbok, African wild dog, impala, gemsbok, wildebeest are just few rare species found here which you can catch anywhere else. You can catch these majestic animals live in action here.

In Christmas season, the city’s wild life authority organizes special trips to these sanctuaries for visitors. Take help of an experienced guide or rent a personal vehicle or simply join a group tour. Plenty of resorts, spas, restaurants and pubs are situated around these reserves where complete range of traditional African cuisines, continental dishes and wines is served.

Why to book cheap flights to Harare Zimbabwe on this Christmas Vacations

Harare, the joy of Africa, is not just the largest and capital city of Zimbabwe; this African Magical town is simply the epicenter of country’s travel revolution and the fact is proved with the recent increase in numbers of visitors arrived at the Harare International Airport.
This Zimbabwean city is truly a melting pot for all seasons and all kinds of vacations, be it your weekend trip, summer holidays, family holidays or Christmas Vacations. Yes, for Christmas Vacations too. Even the city is still in developing phase and not that hi-fi as London, Paris or New York, though the capital of Zimbabwe is beyond any sort of comparison when it comes to find the best place to spend Christmas Vacations.

The hotspot city is fully filled with famous places of tourist interest and all are unquestionably equally worth visiting. In addition, attractive discounts and big discount deals on cheap flights to Harare fuels voyagers to not to delay a jiffy to plan their Christmas Vacations in Harare only.

From ages, Africa is considered as a different world over this earth offering a myriad of best destinations to celebrate New Year and Christmas Vacations. In this myriad of destinations, Harare resides amidst the top-most choices offering a plethora of attractive places to see and fun-filled things to do during Christmas Vacations.

While City’s incredible offerings for wild-life enthusiasts like Varden Safaris, Doon Estate, and Lake Chivero Recreational Park will mesmerize increase the joy of cheap flight to Harare tremendously, history and art-lovers can discover a distinct pleasure in Zimbabwe National Gallery, Mukuvisi Woodlands, and Doon Estate.

Food, parties and shopping, no vacation can get complete without these must-try ingredients and Christmas Vacations are not an exception to it anyhow. This way, head off to one of the numerous eating points in the city running in British time colonial buildings to enjoy a perfect breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. The city caters entire range of delicious dishes and you can easily make your days grabbing curry, muesli, yogurt and many others traditional African yummy cuisine at pretty low prices.

After the testy food in Harare in its vibrant boulevards, smash your sense going for quick shopping as mostly famous markets and eating spots are quite attached. From scary African Mask to shining ornaments to branded outfits to daily life good, every flavor or pleasure is available here in the markets of Harare with exclusive Christmas season discounts for shoppers. Do not miss to pick some colorful hand-crafted pots, fabrics, before catching your return Harare Flights.

To sense the after-dawn Christmas calibration essence of Harare, jump-off to one of plenty of young pubs, bars and discos in Harare. In Christmas and New Year days, a lot of great live music concerts, shows, exhibitions and entertainment nights are usually organized during this season.  

Therefore,book Cheap Flights to Harare from London, Manchester or from wherever you want and the city’s amazing zeal would indeed leave you speechless.