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Cairo, the capital city of Egypt is renowned as the biggest city in Africa filled with unlimited fun, heritage monuments, dashes of modernism and a spacious crowd of affable people and people catching low cost flights to Cairo obtain a true value holiday destination for your family, your friends and you
This metropolitan or home of around 6 millions extremely enthusiastic people is strongly connected by air transport and several international flights to Cairo fly from various corners of the world everyday.

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Indeed, Cairo can be a mind-boggling excursion to any voyager as city lacks of stylish buildings, modish lifestyles, stout environment and little more but this city of a thousand minarets, distinct cultures, picturesque landscapes serves awesome sightseeing with great dining, shopping and entertainment options to backpackers and regarded as a spic-and-span tourist nerve center - it is disordered, kinky, funky, but it is beautiful.

What to see and what to do in Cairo

This African jumbo town is jammed with plethora of attractive places and the chaos of choosing where to go and what to do n the city can spoil vacationers. The capital of Egypt is known as one of the most antique town and origin of the beginning of civilization. Therefore, start your journey with making a visit to elephantine Pyramids in Giza region. The area houses numbers of giant pyramids. Wander around the mysterious Great Sphinx which is another top tourist destination in the city.

Another top attractions of the city includes but not limited to the Babylon Fort, revolutionary Tahrir square, the Egyptian Museum of Military, Al-Azhar mosque, palace of Al-Gawhara, the Joseph  Well, the Citadel, and Qarafa province. All of these are definitely worth visiting.
Visiting Cairo brings paradise to the shoppers and food lovers. Voyagers catching low cost air fare tickets to Cairo are welcomed by the plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops. While in up market areas you can grab mesmerizing traditional artwork, jewelry, souvenirs, exotic spices, perfumes and much more; in city's grizzled restaurants, vacationers can find delicious gourmets ranging from contemporary African dishes to flavors from around the globe completed with Egyptian folk music.


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