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Cairo, the capital city of Egypt is renowned as the biggest city in Africa filled with unlimited fun, heritage monuments, dashes of modernism and a spacious crowd of affable people and people catching low cost flights to Cairo obtain a true value holiday destination for your family, your friends and you
This metropolitan or home of around 6 millions extremely enthusiastic people is strongly connected by air transport and several international flights to Cairo fly from various corners of the world everyday.

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Indeed, Cairo can be a mind-boggling excursion to any voyager as city lacks of stylish buildings, modish lifestyles, stout environment and little more but this city of a thousand minarets, distinct cultures, picturesque landscapes serves awesome sightseeing with great dining, shopping and entertainment options to backpackers and regarded as a spic-and-span tourist nerve center - it is disordered, kinky, funky, but it is beautiful.

What to see and what to do in Cairo

This African jumbo town is jammed with plethora of attractive places and the chaos of choosing where to go and what to do n the city can spoil vacationers. The capital of Egypt is known as one of the most antique town and origin of the beginning of civilization. Therefore, start your journey with making a visit to elephantine Pyramids in Giza region. The area houses numbers of giant pyramids. Wander around the mysterious Great Sphinx which is another top tourist destination in the city.

Another top attractions of the city includes but not limited to the Babylon Fort, revolutionary Tahrir square, the Egyptian Museum of Military, Al-Azhar mosque, palace of Al-Gawhara, the Joseph  Well, the Citadel, and Qarafa province. All of these are definitely worth visiting.
Visiting Cairo brings paradise to the shoppers and food lovers. Voyagers catching low cost air fare tickets to Cairo are welcomed by the plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops. While in up market areas you can grab mesmerizing traditional artwork, jewelry, souvenirs, exotic spices, perfumes and much more; in city's grizzled restaurants, vacationers can find delicious gourmets ranging from contemporary African dishes to flavors from around the globe completed with Egyptian folk music.

Travel Johannesburg - Unparallel fun, unparallel delight

Johannesburg, South Africa's largest city, pledges voyagers to give every last trace of the enjoyment they anticipate from one of the best destinations in the world. For voyagers, the city states if you challenge to shovel a little deeper inside, you’ll recognize treasure.

 Johannesburg, established over a century in the past and known as “Gold House on the planet”, is not that big and vast as some other cosmopolitans in Africa. Though, this young and vibrant town has been portraying nation’s distinct culture, history and royalty successfully.

Reputed with the nickname of "Jozi", the city has tremendously emerged from a harsh mining town to an advanced metropolitan city. Today, the city plays like chief the powerhouse in nation’s travel revolution. 

Around 4 million individuals call this magnificent town their home, and a fair number of international flights to Johannesburg are accessible round the year. People board flights to Johannesburg at discounted prices receive chance to explore amidst the numerous colors of South African cultures colliding at each turn in the city. 

Prestigious for its sunny atmosphere, an evaluated 10 million trees furnish the greatest man-made urban backwoods in the planet. Thus, get lowest price flight tickets to Johannesburg - A city with excellent past and a liberal heart, ‘Johannesburg’ is well worth visiting.

Most popular tourist destinations in Johannesburg

The city never lacks of attractions and great places. People catching Cheap Flights to Johannesburg how greatly the city is catering a unique blend of exciting activities, wonderful place to the voyagers of various ages and tastes
From the pristine seafronts to enticing skyscrapers and giant shopping emporiums, South Africa’s majestic town has everything to keep voyagers entertained throughout their journey.  

Showcasing the vast history and rich culture of the nation, there are aplenty of attractions which will leave you breathless. Don’t miss the Apartheid Museum, the Museum Africa, Gold Reef City, the Everard Read Gallery and the Cradle of Humankind. Sterkfontein Caves is also notable ones to visit.

And if you want to dive deep in city’s turbulent history and colorful culture, book Johannesburg complete tour package ( It will take you to all the most famous destinations in the city like monuments, museums, art galleries, exhibitions and art performances.

Worldwide reputed for its great safaris, vacationers can enjoy catch unheard species of rare wild animals in the city. So, escape the city frenzy and make a tour of the city’s Zoo with your family and kids – the home of the distinct African wildlife, from big cats to the endangered species. 

Johannesburg is no less the sports-capital of the country, People here are mad in love with sports and sporty activities. Therefore, the city is full of sports grounds where you can easily catch terrific games like crickets, rugby, soccer, rugby, and many more.

To enjoy these and much more just reserve your cheap flights to  Johannesburg and visit this exciting city.

Celebrating Johannesburg
Young, naughty, dynamic and celebrating are the word most suited with this African glamour city. The city gives a plethora of elite restaurants, resorts, glittering cafes, pubs,    boutiques, lively markets, theatres, and live-music venues. 
Try a complete range of authentic African food to numerous intercontinental dishes in one of several restaurants and cafes of the city.

The city also caters an unmatched nightlife to meet the numerous demands of voyagers coming here from various corners of the world. Its shining pubs, glitzy bars, sleepless nightclubs and alluring show-houses are all set to pamper voyagers with the best of cocktails, live music and parties- Have your own sun here, after the sun goes down.

Shopping is fun in this dynamic town city as the city offers sensational shopping opportunities. Shop for fashionable clothes, branded footwear and trendy accessories, precious ornaments, art-works, African style handicrafts, clothes and other accessories in numbers of big brightening shopping malls present in the city or if you want to experience the magic of some up-market regions, city is a true ecstasy.

Things to do in Durban this Christmas


For everyone looking for the best places to travel this Christmas, Durban is second to none. Worldwide voyagers take cheap flights to Durban and land at Durban International Airport in search of a perfect escape for their Christmas Vacations.

Enjoy a remarkable Christmas this year, book your Cheap Flights to Durban from London, Paris or from where you want and head off to Durban with no-more delay. This exotic town of South Africa is indeed one of the best vacations spot and certainly is an optimum answer to all your searches where to go this Christmas.

 The city of Durban offers enjoyable weather conditions throughout all seasons; but, in Christmas season, the city's more pleasant mild climate can mesmerize any backpacker like the pure heaven. This duration is regarded as the best time to visit Durban.

This big South African city consist a renowned blend of metropolitan life styles, antique cultures and simply everything you expect for your Christmas Vacations celebration.  Voyagers catching great deals on Flights to Durban with special Christmas offers discover a heap of the best places to visit and fun-filled things to do in Durban.

Christmas at beaches is the new trend of the world. Many people want to enjoy their Christmas Vacations amidst beauteous oceanfront conditions. If you are too looking for picturesque beaches to treasure unforgettable memories of sweet Christmas this year, choose Durban.

The city offers numbers of unmatched seashores and you can make sure to receive plethora of fun here at the beaches of Durban. Durban boasts its magnificent stretch fronting the Indian Ocean and offers substantial beaches.  Providing seducing panoramas, relaxation and plenty of adventurous water sports activates, Durban’s beaches can be an excellent pick for your ideal Christmas holidays.

Calm waterfronts, azure warm waters, unlimited suns and miles spread captivating golden sands, what more you want. You can surf, snorkel, hire a canoe, go for surfing or surf ski lessons, or just do the old-fashioned thing and laze on the beach and watch the world go by.

Also, Durban provides all the ingredients for wildlife enthusiasts. The jumbo town houses stunning nature reserves, zoo, aquarium and sanctuaries where you can catch various species of fishes, birds, crocodiles, hippos and many others rare African species. Plus, the city performs as a robust gateway to royal African Wild-life safari tour.

Those who are planning to enjoy their Christmas Vacations amidst lucrative art, live performance and cultural shows, Durban can be a good stopover. Head off to the well known Playhouse, terrific Bat Centre, The orchid house, the titanic theatre of Catalina, the University of Durban’s art theatre and many other famous venues to delve in to the magic of global arts, music and performances.

No Christmas Vacations can be said complete without Shopping and dining. So, why not to smash your senses with distinctive Durban Bunny chows or go for a quick shopping in Durban’s big emporiums this Christmas.

In Christmas Days, you can get the authentic Durban culinary magic. A big array of decent restaurants, roadside eateries, seaside pubs with specialty in traditional seafood, best-class accommodations great entertainment to continental dishes can be found across the city.

Visit Lagos (Nigeria) - Celebrate this Christmas Vacations like never before

The City of Lagos requires no introduction. Worldwide travelers call it as the African New York and to very much extent they are right. This African mega-city portrays a distinct and enticing flavor of authentic Nigerian history, art and culture with a blend of royal African and cosmopolitan influences. 

 The jumbo city is unlike any other city in Nigeria, be it tourism, commercialization, development or anything. Around the year, huge waves of voyagers boarding on cheap flights to Lagos strike at Lagos International Airport. However, the Christmas season is considered as the best time to visit Lagos as the climate of city gets delicately mild during this duration.

As a result, in order to rejuvenate their souls amidst the chaotic Christmas Festival in Lagos, Cheap Flights to Lagos gets in huge demand from all parts of the world.

The magnetic town is surprisingly blessed and can offer you a myriad of fun-filled things to do and attractive places to visit on your Christmas Vacations. Daytime in Lagos are usually loud, running and crowded during Christmas time. So, before planning Christmas vacations in Lagos, visitors should prepare themselves to receive a frantic welcome by the long jam of bothering yellow painted buses fully filled with entertaining locals, loud and live boulevards, and congested markets
 In this while, beaches of Lagos can be an excellent escape from this fast-paced hustle. These calm waterfronts with warm waters, miles of golden sands, and plethora of bright suns are certainly worth exploring. Hop on a private boat and go for boating, fishing, snorkeling and several other things to do or simply have a pleasant nap at one of the picturesque seaside resorts.   

For wild-life enthusiasts, city’s offerings are unmatched. Head off to the world-renowned Oyo National Park and treasure lifetime memories of rare African wild life species. Also, city is a tremendous gateway to everyone planning to visit great animal parks and sanctuaries in Africa

Christmas Vacations can’t be imagined without fine dining, vibrant parties and shopping. But, people booking Cheap Flights to Lagos can ensure themselves to be going to reach the right destination for their Christmas Vacation. The city caters every taste for every plate, from traditional African dishes to continental cuisines and drinks; you just say it and a big array of pubs, restaurants and hotels in Lagos will cater it in a jiffy.

Shopping in Lagos is not up-to those contemporary standards of Paris and London. Yet, visitors can expect to grab sensational deals in city’s up-market regions, decent boutiques and few shopping malls.   

And, be certain to not to miss the city’s naughty night life which can be caught right from the moment the sun falls down to the west of the city.  Fading away the city’s darkness, a vibrant zeal of Lagos combine with gorgeous dances, seducing music and awesome drinks can be found in city’s discos and bars during Christmas days.