Breathe and Bask in the Sun-Beached city with Flights to Durban

With Durban holiday you are privileged to tour one of the most expeditious built-up cities on face of the globe. This city is often tagged as the Miami Beach of South Africa that is blessed with an annual mild weather making it a perfect holiday paradise.

The beachfront area is blessed with opulent 5-star Durban hotels and apartments, all of which have a pleasant view of the Indian Ocean. Durban is a sporting paradise. The sunny atmosphere combined with a wealth of facilities makes for a year round sporting spree.

Care for some water sports in Durban?
Apart from African Safari trips, watersports such as surfing, sailing, body boarding and scuba diving are extensive. Rugby, soccer and cricket are also very popular with Durban boasting world class stadium for all major sports.
The pulsating city of Durban holds architectural styles that merge the old with the new, traditional rickshaws, Indian markets, bunny chows and curry, gorgeous sandy beaches that present protected swimming, and the weather that assures a perfect sunshine.

With super cheap flights to Durban South African, you are sure to save for your family’s awesome trip.

The South African Tourism package may make you freak out in this city that easily rivals other cities in the world. The cities beachfront has been carefully rejuvenated with spacious, dirt free streets that lead easily into the city of museums, shopping, theatre, sights and sounds to keep you entertained for days.

Mesmerizing Attractions in Durban

The city also houses the Natural Science Museum along with the main library and the Durban Art Gallery. Further than this, lies the much photographed building - Durban’s old railway station, well known as Tourist Junction from which one can chart out tours all over the city.
Durban Flights
There’s the Victoria Street Indian Market, humming Grey Street with its collection of silk saris, street hawkers, the prevalent mosque in the southern hemisphere in Grey Street. Durban draws holiday makers from far and wide into the sultry and captivating sun-kissed town.
The attractions that are worth exploring are:
  • Ushaka Marine World
  • Maritime Museum
  • Durban's Golden Mile
  •  Botanical Gardens
With so much to see and experience it is yet a feasible time to grab cheap flights to Durban
The Wonder of Shopping in Durban

With low cost air flights from London to South Africa, you will love shopping here. Outsized shopping centers are setup across the city where you can find everything from massive chain stores to tiny specialty boutiques.

There are also the smaller street shops, and the big flea markets that are found in all major centers. Few shop keepers don’t own shops, they just spread out their merchandise and earn quite well.

Durban Wilde Life
Here hawkers and craftspeople carry out their wares at the traffic intersections, along major thoroughfares, minibus taxi ranks, and on inner city pavements, selling everything from fruits, sweets to elaborate sculptures and home furnishings. Even as tourists move from the city into the countryside, the peddling never ceases.

Visitors flying with inexpensive flight tickets to Durban can get insights to the rural areas that are dotted with arts and crafts markets, farm stalls and much more.


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